Ep 51: Sacramental Encounters

Can we encounter Jesus solely through a screen?

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  1. At the outset, I must say I completely agree that sacramentality is a phenomenon of presence, and that to receive all that the Lord wants to give us at Mass can only be received when we attend in person. That being said, I reach out to you today acknowledging full guilt as one of those daily virtual Mass-goers who watch while in pajamas and with coffee cup in hand.

    I do attend Mass in-person on Saturdays and Sundays. But I am grateful in this time of dispensation to be able to virtually participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is yet essential that I be properly disposed to receive the grace of this virtual event sincerely (yes, even though in pajamas and with coffee). For I believe that within the electronic medium, the presider’s blessing is an effective blessing; that the consecration and presentation of the Holy Eucharist most assuredly communicates grace; that I am bound to engage in the responses and acclamations verbally as if I were indeed present in the church; that my spiritual communion cannot take the place of receiving the Blessed Sacrament within my body, and yet it is a sacred, grace-giving moment.

    I agree 100% that things will not return to the pre-COVID way of doing things. The Rubicon has been crossed, things have changed dramatically (some irreparably) since last year. A clear “shake-out” has occurred.

    I enclose the following website ( http://www.stmichaelscathedral.com ) because being a Canadian church (Archdiocese of Toronto), they still are not permitted to have any attendance at Mass. The Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins is holding on with great Faith and perseverance, and it is a daily inspiration to hear his homily. Note also how the Act of Spiritual Communion is done: as the Eucharist is presented, a minister recites the Act and the celebrant remains motionless. The celebrant receives the Eucharist at the conclusion of the Act. For me, this communicates a clear message of solidarity with those unable, yet willing, to be present

    Forgive the rambling.


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