Ep. 69: A Pre-Beacons Chat

Well, it helps to copy the right link to post into the player below, and well over ten folks sent me a note to let me know I goofed it up! Thank you! Anyway, roped Fr. Ambrose, my Parochial Vicar into joining me for a chat just prior to the priests of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati finding what the next stage of the Beacons of Light Pastoral Planning Process will be, how to deal with change, etc. It should work this time!

Edit: The audio works in the page editor but not on the page itself, grrr… I have to go to Mass then I will work on it. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 69: A Pre-Beacons Chat

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  1. Thanks to you for this “Beacons -prep” episode. Lots more needs to be said, especially as more details of the restructuring plan come to light. Prayer: “Father of all Ages, we look to you to lead us into good pasture. Stay with us, that we may know the way to continue loving and serving You in the kingdom you have prepared for us. Amen.”

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