Ep. 10: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Fr. David and I return with a little shorter episode than normal. Our main topic: what gifts of the Spirit have been manifest in our lives as priests?

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Pentecost Homily

First half includes guidelines for re-opening Mass, the second half has thoughts on the readings and feast we celebrated.

ReOpening Day!

No, not for baseball, yet; for Mass! Fr. Doseck and I share some thoughts on what we’ve learned from the past few months, plus a few ideas on how to deal with anxiety that coming back out into the world might cause.

Ep. 7: Happy Mother’s Day!

Fr. David Doseck and I return, with two special guests, our Moms! Listen in to hear how they make fun of us both and a word of advice for when your son comes to ask about the possibility of the priesthood and seminary.

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